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Mr Larkin loves Sissy Sainte Marie

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MR. LARKIN loves Sissy Sainte Marie
A main source of inspiration at Mr. Larkin are the women in our lives and creative communities. Stylist, Sissy Sainte Marie is one of those women.
I first discovered her on Instagram through her work for Rachel Comey several years ago. I immediately fell for her signature long, braided ponytail and sophisticated, down-to-earth style of neutral palettes Sissy so effortlessly puts together.  When I finally met her in person, in my tiny little shop in Copenhagen, she was just as warm and laid back as the looks that grace her profile and clients’ editorials.
Sissy shares with us a few of her favorite Mr. Larkin pieces, views from her home, and a glimpse into her process. 25% of sales from the dresses in this edit will be donated to Sissy’s charity of choice, The Loveland Foundation, which helps Black girls and women get access to therapy.


Sissy, tell us a bit about yourself…

·         You used to be a musician. What propelled you to start working in fashion?

Oh, I wouldn’t call myself a musician. For a hot second I was a vocalist in a duo with my very talented husband, Eddie Chacon,  but I had no business being in a band. It did lead to me working as a stylist, so all’s well that ends well I suppose. I had no musical talent and was a lousy performer but I loved being in photoshoots, making videos, and creating costumes for stage.

·         Describe your creative process. 

I sit and I sit. I think and I think. I try things out. I look and look. I undo things. I second guess myself.  Then I usually settle on my first instincts. I refine along the way.

·         Where do you find inspiration? 

Everywhere from octogenarians to runway show models to old movies.

·         Describe your personal style. Do you have any muses?  

“More-chic-than-necessary” has been the phrase I’ve been using to describe my style lately. There’s really no one or nowhere to dress up for.  I just entertain myself by playing dress up, like I have since I was a tot.  I don’t really have any muses, but I follow tons of rad women, and a few men, who consistently have a unique style all their own and I respect that immensely.

·         Aside from fashion, what are other passions or hobbies that you have?  

I love cooking and puzzles.

·         What was the last piece of art/music/book that moved you? 

I just finished Nelson Mandela’s autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom. Eddie and I binge watched 2 seasons of Pose and are about to start season 3. Every single episode has us both teared up and elated. It’s so moving.

·         How are you feeling about the future? 

Anxious and not very hopeful to be honest.

·         What charity are you supporting this week? 

15% of proceeds from my Depop sales always go to The Loveland Foundation, which helps Black girls and women get access to therapy.

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