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Love, Diotima


Founded by Jamaican-born designer Rachel Scott, New York-based Diotima is a label putting Caribbean artisanal techniques at centre stage. Honing her skills in Milan & New York, and as Vice President of Design at Rachel Comey since 2015, Scott has a talent for creating highly coveted pieces infused with modern femininity. Collaborating with a small group of independent Jamaican artisans who have upheld the art of crochet for generations, Diotima is very much a joint venture between Scott and the local makers in her homeland, and the focus on crochet, a technique which cannot be replicated by machine, instills a strong sense of history and heritage within each piece.

Inspired by the vibrant Dancehall movement and her catholic upbringing, Scott creates breathtaking pieces with a contemporary romantic feel which juxtapose a sense of propriety with free movement and covert sexiness. Transcending seasons, each handmade piece has the feel of that perfect vintage find, an heirloom garment designed to be worn solo or layered with your existing wardrobe.

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