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Studio Visit | Trine Tuxen

 We sat down with our friend, muse and collaborator Trine Tuxen, designer and creative director of her namesake jewellery collection Trine Tuxen Jewelry, to discuss our recent collaboration FRAGMENTS. We visited her beautiful Nørrebro studio, nestled back in a courtyard, just around the corner from her newly opened retail space. Her second location that features her own collection along with home and lifestyle artisan findings.

Read on to hear Trine's thoughts on this collection inspired by friendship, womanhood and flowers, and the process behind this collaboration. 





Q: Tell us about your history with Casey and Mr. Larkin.  

TT: I've known Casey for 7 years. I clearly remember the first time I stepped into her very first store at Nørrebro. A space filled with colors, textures, a scent of leather, clay and textiles. A place I wanted to explore, surrounded with pieces of quality and uniqueness. She had (and luckily still has) a handmade wall piece made in fabric portraying a set of breasts, that gave me a sense of belonging and a strong vibe of feminism. Her place(s) make me feel strongly connected with the part of myself that’s feminine and unique. The place I go to if I want to feel special.
I remember Casey sat in the back room and I immediately wanted to get to know this amazing woman. We very soon started to connect and a friendship of respect, understanding and admiration was born. 

Q: How did this collaboration come about? And what inspired it?
TT: We’ve talked back and forth for several years about a collaboration- so when Casey called me in September 2022 and was ready, I immediately dropped everything in my hands and quite literally started drawing and moulding. We talked about the inspiration of her collection: Art, textiles, florals and the women in her life and community. We were both intrigued by the dissection of the flower as a starting point of inspiration- peeling it apart into fragments. Women often think of themselves in pieces- the friend, the sister, the mother, the struggles, the happiness, the trauma, the love- fragments of our lived experiences are what make us our whole person. This sort of analogy is what inspired our collaborative collection. 

Mixing our two worlds of clothing and jewelry together were important, so that is why we created some more wearable and multifunctional pieces. 
We wanted items that could be worn with Mr. Larkin's clothing, but also with the other items in the wearer's own wardrobe, so we created three designs: two belts and a necklace. Each belt piece is inspired by floral fragments and can be worn around your neck, your upper arm, or around your waist or hips. The belts' deconstructed flower pieces in platinum plated brass represent our strength and the ties of the belt are what holds us together. The final piece was a whole imperfectly, perfect flower pendant with a centered petrified coral setting that can be attached to a piece of lace, fabric fragment or a chain. 

I’m beyond excited to showcase these pieces with Casey in hopes they will offer the wearer a sense of strength and a deep connection to one's self .



We have some more personal questions for you so our readers can get to know the the mother, business owner and all around beautiful human we love here.

Q: Five years ago I wish I had known...
TT: That I shouldn’t spend so much time and energy figuring out others, but figuring out myself. One of the
beauties about becoming older 

Q: What are some things that make you feel most like yourself?
TT:  When I’m in my kitchen, making food – this gives me calmness and a sense of self nurture and self
care. It’s so satisfying to me, to fill my fridge with homemade ghee, fermentations, soakings and have my oven on with freshly baked bread.
· When I find myself either alone at my workspace, preferably evening/night time, with music, clay, drawings and other creative projects (I specially like having more than one thing going at the same
time, one project inspires the other)
· Dancing around my house either alone or with my son
· When i’m in deep conversation with a good friend – I really value one on one time – where conversations and just being together can float and inspire my head and heart.


Q: A song or album you could play forever on repeat?
TT: Uhhh… I have so many, it really reflects my mood, or where I want to be energitically / emotionally
To mention a few:
Cat Power – the greatest
Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago
Donnie and Joe Emerson – Dreamin’ Wild
Rhye – Woman
Solange – A Seat at the Table
Sabrina Claudio – About Time
Beck – Morning Phase
James Blake – The Colour in Anything
Eee gee – Winning
Michael Jackson – Stranger in Moscow
I could go on…


Q: Something about yourself you've learnt to appreciate over time?
TT: That I’m much more introvert than I thought!I believe that this is the only positive thing covid gave me! I got to realize that smaller constallations, works so much better for me. Here I can focus on what’s important in the meeting between people, and get much deeper in conversation. It gives me much more energy, rather than larger forums of people. Here I find myself easily distracted and I simply loose the ability to be present, which I’ve learned becoming older, has much more value.

Q: Good advice you've received, and good advice you've given?
TT: To do everyting in slow motion! I believe I’m a person of high frequency! I have a high energy level, ambition level, to the degree where I almost enjoy stress, a feeling thats so recognisable, and therefore natural but not necessarily good for me. By doing everything in slow motion I get in contact with all the other emotions, what’s good for me and what’s not. And to be more appreciative of small things, from being able to walk and feel my feet on the ground, having my senses – to feel, to hear, to taste etc. – I’m still not good enough living this way, and I also value balance, so I don’t think I’d be a better person if I lived my entire life in slow option, but I believe it’s important for me to integrate more in my life.
Good advise I’ve given to others… Take your time to really feel what’s important to yourself. Dare to do something that’s outside of your comfort zone. (I don’t really like this answer….) I might not be so good at giving advice .- haha


Q: Five things that make you happy...
TT: Hearing my sons laughter
Food (and wine!)
Scents and aesthetic
Thermal socks and wide footwear (my feet are so very troubling, from my previous dance career!)
Going to the theater or an intimate concert
A good dinner party
When I feel I’ve been good to myself and treated myself with being a good listener and met my own needs.

Q: One thing you're really looking forward to
TT: This coming summer holiday, filled with festivals, time with my family and son, sun, sand and the ocean, a trip to Mallorca with my dear friend Camilla.




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Photography by Frederikke Svarre  |  Starring Trine Tuxen 
 For Mr. Larkin x Trine Tuxen Col. 1  |  Fragments
March 2023